As Russia Doping Decision Looms, IOC Moves To “Safeguard Athletes from … Abuse’

Ahead of its big decision on Russia this Sunday, the International Olympic Committee has agreed measures “to safeguard athletes from harassment and abuse in sport. Although sexual harrasment is highlight in the IOC statement on its new measures, abuse extends to doping, especially in sports such as swimming with a vast population of minors who work with coaches, doctors and others.

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Mr Coe and the IAAF have not only banned the top Russian athletes from the Games. They also condemned those young Russians Sharron Davies is talking about to stay apart from others of their age by not allowing them to compete at the European U18 and World U20 championships. Guess who is explaining the situation to them. Not sure it will help much for the future.

Craig Lord

Breizh. No, not the young Russians Sharron D is talking about, hopefully. Sharron D is talking about the generation of teenagers plied with banned substances – once you’ve cheered them on to the medals will you be there to help them through the rest of life like the girls of the GDR have needed help through the rest of their lives? Please don’t downplay the msg behind the words of Sharron Davies and others – she is right to say the IOC has a duty of care to that youth of the world they harness the show too.

Abuse has been a part of Olympic swimming history. 2016. It has to stop.

Let someone in Russia holding a clean-sport banner in their hand take this approach:

“It is not the clean athlete who must compromise as they are compromised; it is Russia and the stinking mire of systematic doping that must be told, unequivocally: see you in 2020 once the world has trust and faith once more in your compliance as a member of the international sports community.

“And during that period, let the voices of Evgeny Korotyshkin and like minds win the day; let the youth of Russia understand that a price has been paid for rotten, corrupt practices among those running the show; grant the youth of Russia the power to turn round and say to the coach, the doctor, the local official waving a funding cheque in one hand and a syringe in the other:

“Stick it where the Sun don’t shine. I’m competing clean – and so is my country.”

My words in this article that might help you understand the background:

The rot needs to stop. These lessons were learned a long time ago: time to show it.


Craig, yes I am taking of the young Russians “the IOC has a duty of care to protect, who are being coerced into taking things them are not even avare they are taking”.
The IOC and it’s international federations. The IAAF did nothing in the last decade to improve things in Russia. They didn’t harass or coerced the young Russians, but they closed their eyes. They let them down. And now they ban them.

Craig Lord

Yes, Breizh – but they didn’t dope some of them… for that the youth of Russia must turn to its regime and ask ‘why – why have you let us down so badly… we refuse to cheat in future and we demand that you, our country, our government, our sports ministry, back us and allow sport to be free of all the intrigue, the secret services role and all the rest that has played a part in having us locked out of international competition in 2016…” It has to stop, Breizh – and that requires a firm hand and resolve – inside and outside of Russia.

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