As Olympics Near, Ryan Lochte Not Ready To Let Sand Run Out Of Career Hourglass

Ryan Lochte, by Peter Bick

As he prepares for a fourth Olympiad, Ryan Lochte is not ready to call time on his career.

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I hope Lochte qualify for 200 IM in the next year world championships. He’s such a legend.


As long as he’s still up to international team snuff and enjoys getting up and going to work every day, no need to retire just yet.


I agree. Why retire when you have a job which you are very very good at, that you have passion with and love doing it, keep your body in preeetty good shape, travel the world and get paid for all of that.

That’s a dream job!

If I have a job like that, I’ll hold onto it forever until they kick me out, or in the case of Lochte until he can’t qualify for international team.

kevin roose

Such a great race to look forward to the japanese prize fighter Hagino against two American legends of the sport……..
For me Phelps and Lochte are equal threats to Hagino given its Lochte only individual swim…….

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