As CAS Gives Efimova* Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down, Russian Hope Rests On Sun* & Park*

The pathway to clean sport must start with a period of introspection and honesty for those who have fallen foul of Fair Play - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Court of Arbitration hands Yuliya Efimova* a win and a loss: rule to keep her out ‘unenforceable’ but not for CAS to force FINA to keep her out of Rio 2016. Decision now back to FINA. With Efimova’s biggest hope resting on the presence of Sun Yang* and Park Tae-hwan*, will it be FINA business as usual from the fed run by a director who said last year ‘you cannot condone the stars for a minor doping offence’?

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Why is McLaren withholding irrefutable evidence? Because it would create misinformation? How so? How does truth misinform? He could at least have made it available to the IOC and individual federations. Or maybe he did; I don’t recall any mention of it though. A big, big, big mess by all concerned.


It seems IOC and sporting federations were given the full list of implicated names, but not the evidence.

Craig Lord

Yes, asf: Mclaren’s brief by July 15 was to get finished the work to prove that Russia was involved in a doping program that stretched to state involvement. He proved that – but the IOC refused to ban a nation. That will now come back to haunt in a number of ways … including watching the evidence of individual cases unfold. Some nasty moments ahead…

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