Are You Not Entertained Part II: Milo Cavic Takes A Swipe At Michael Phelps On Doping

The moment when Michael Phelps stopped the clock 0.01sec ahead of Milorad Cavic at Beijing 2008 - as captured by Patrick B. Kraemer, who along with Heinz Kluetmeier and others caught a series of iconic images of the historic moment when a hope of eight golds lived to fight another day

Milorad Cavic, the Serbian swimmer who took silver by 0.01sec in the Olympic 100m butterfly final in Beijing that kept Michael Phelps on course for a record eight gold medals, has taken a swipe at an old rival: in an open “Dear Michael” letter on social media, Cavic criticises the American for not having spoken out sooner in the fight for clean sport, accuses him of having fallen shy when it cames to backing blood passports and calls Phelps’ legendary ability to recover between races the stuff of “science fiction”.

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Seems that Cavic may still be sore after Beijing; he just can’t let it go. Not suggesting he’s a cheat? It looks to me, as though that is exactly what he is inferring. Has he such a high opinion of himself that he thinks only a cheat could beat him?

Craig Lord

The contradiction in that one sentence is certainly striking, Ger. There is sincere frustration in the mix, too: the issues are just too complex to sum up in a short statement that will end up looking far too much like an attack on one swimmer by another, with a history of rivalry at its foundation.

Steve Levy

Foot-in-mouth disease. Again.

Craig Lord

🙂 I turn to these thoughts in the presence of doping and the absence of dots twixt words, choice and careful …
– In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr.
– Jesus said, “Consider carefully how you listen…”

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