Cameron McEvoy Lights Up Aquatic Super Series From Go – 47.56 Best Blast: All-Time #3

Cameron McEvoy - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The first day of action dawns with Emma McKeon leading the pre-race pace in the 200m freestyle and fellow Australian Cameron McEvoy facing his first challenge from domestic sparring partner James Magnussen in almost a year. Over the course of the next two days, the Australian Dolphins take on China and Japan at a meet that will provide the first clues of Olympic-season form among many of those from Asia and Oceania gunning for the podium at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games come August

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Good swim for EM 1:55.9 is good for this time of the year.

Cam’s swim was super, 47.5! While the time is good, that backend is ridiculously good for someone still in training.

That is where it should be hurting the most.

I wonder if that was just a freak swim, where everything comes together at a low key meet.

Good 100 breast from Georgia Bohl, she keeps improving and it bodes well for the womans 4×1 Medley.


Wow. Just wow for McEvoy’s swim. It’s incredible that Australia has produced in a short span of years two swimmers capable of going well sub 48 in numerous occasions. Not even the US have that.


Great swim by Cameron. I would expect him to have some rest before this meet as 47,5 in full training seems very unlikely. I would not be surprised if he gets really close to the 47,10 on its 4th anniversary.

Aussie 100free at the last 3 Olympics.
Athens – bronze
Beijing – silver
London – silver
Rio – not gonna write gold but medal


Are you sure Magnussen won the worlds in 2013 in 47.53? I thought he won in 47.71 more like it..

Craig Lord

W C Trials (not W champs) thanks, Verram.


Therea, regrettably they only have one of them firing in that range at the moment. Magnussen faces a tough battle to meet the AUS QT of 48.49; if he’s not swimming sub49 at NSW titles in a month’s time then it’s not looking likely. Chalmers’ only competitive time of the season is basically on par with Magnussen’s times.


commonwombat, If Magnussen does not get back into form to reach the australian cut, and also if the 4th australian does not break 49, will australia try to send a 4×100 free relay? Also, when will they put the guys on the water to try a qualification time?


Furry Curmudgeon’s “paw in the water”

W200free: First time below 1.56 since 2014 for McKeonE; something she couldn’t manage at all in 2015. She would hope to make further progress by Trials.

M100free: Stupendous time from McEvoy but you cannot help wondering “why now ? save em for when it really counts”. Magnussen still labouring; not panic stations yet but he would want to be seeing some significant progress at NSW titles in a month.

W100BRS: Both Kaneto & Bohl posting significant PBs; the latter a particularly promising sign for the AUS W4XMED. However, she needs to back this up at Trials.

M100back: Larkin & Xu a level above the rest here. They’ll both “take” these times for this time of year.

W100fly: A pedestrian affair with nothing really to be read from it. McKeonE probably disadvantaged by the short turnaround from W200free.

M200fly: Li very competent performance. Men’s fly remains a gaping dark chasm for AUS; the AUS QT of 1.55.75 looks to be a tough ask for the current crop.

W200IM: JAP 2nd stringer Shimizu held out McMaster. Hard to get much more of a read. The AUS QT of 2.11.39 isn’t impossible but with Coutts seemingly on the decline there doesn’t appear to be any sure qualifier.

M400free: An AUS 1-2 procession but hard to get any qualitative read. Horton did look to be working his turns strongly but the times were respectable nothing more.

W50free: Both C1 & C2 will take 24.3s for this time of year; damned good times at any time of year for almost everyone else ! WILL be interesting to see the 100 and especially how C2 is going over this distance given recent hip issues.

M200BRS: Koseki solid enough. The AUS QT of 2.09.16 will NOT be met, end of story.

W200back: Seebohm basically toyed with Wilson & Chen for 150m then burned them going home …. without ever really needing to hit top gear.

W800free: An Ashwood procession and one that was distinctly pleasing and indicating that she seems to be following up on her break-out 2015. An 8.23 for this time of year hints that a sub 8.20 at Trials is plausible …. and that time does see you in and around the minor medal mix internationally.

M400IM: Fujimori a class above this lot


Rafael; that AUS QT is for selection in the individual event.

Swimming AUS have set a combined time mark of 3.16.26 for first four finishers in M100free. Given that McEvoy appears in sub48 shape, this notionally only needs an average of 49.6 from the other 3 should he swim say a 47.7. However this mark is little better than their debacle in Kazan so realistically they would want a combined time at least a second quicker.

This quoted time is only to be “considered for selection”. They would then have to set an actual race time that will rank in the fastest 4 times for nations not already qualified for this event.

One would think this would be in the form of a time trial at the conclusion of Trials as there are no other scheduled meets in AUS prior to the cut off for qualification at the beginning of July and none of the international meets they may travel to have relays scheduled.

Realistically, Magnussen swimming back to at least sub48.50 flat start is the factor that will determine whether qualifying this relay IS easy or a very tough battle.

Craig Lord

CW: Emma Mck clocked 1:55.88 at AUS nationals last year, 3rd best after her 2 sub-1:56s of 2014


Anyone who is familiar with my posts would know that although I am a big fan of McEvoy, I’ve always been skeptical about his full potential as a sprinter due to his small physique (for a sprinter). Every year since 2013 I kept saying “Oh may be this is the fastest he could possibly go”
And yet, he kept swimming faster.

I still wonder how he lost that Kazan final, seeing as he has most endurance than any other sprinter due to him being so good in 200.


To be fair, ASW; McEvoy has yet to truly convince that he really is of the same calibre over 200 that he is over 100.

His best efforts at 200 have either been in domestic waters or in the kiddie paddling pool that is CommGames. In the big league, he’s still “not quite there”.

Fair enough, Craig. My recollection of her 2015 was that 1.56.0 – 1.56.1 was her 2015 trajectory.

Bad Anon

When can we expect 2016 rankings to be posted

Craig Lord

They’re on, Bad Anon.


Shame USA didn’t send a team like they did last year though.. Wonder why they weren’t invited or rather declined


Verram, it may have been that US Swimming thought it not advantageous to do so again at this time of year.

However, I suspect the primary reason comes down to the fact that BHP withdrew as naming rights sponsor for the event about 6-8 months ago and SA were unable to get someone else to fully fill the void.

With a reduced prize pool, US pros may not have been suitably attracted …… leading to US Swimming declining. CHN …. less fussy albeit they’ve sent a far from representative outfit.

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