Analysis M50 Free: Florent Manaudou’s 21.19 Ends Shiny Stranglehold On All-Time Top 10

Florent Manaudou of France celebrates after winning the dash at Kazan world titles - by Patrick B. Kraemer

In Kazan, 21.19 placed clear blue water between Frenchman Florent Manaudou and the rest. In at No 1 all-time among performers in textile, the Frenchman’s new high now shares No3 slot all-time all suits; tops the list of all-time performances in textile and comes in at No 8 performance as the only entry on the all-time top 10 all suits, all other 9 swims belonging to the last season of shiny suits in 2009

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I wonder how fast this dude could be now wearing the suit from 2009. It would give him such a great advantage regarding his physique. Breaking 20 seconds in short course for sure.


Seriously, can you imagine him in jaked?
20.60 is my guess


It would be funny to watch Florent trying to put one of the plastic fantastic stuff on. Do not forget he is 99kg and 199cm. I remember it took me around 15mins to put it on and I am no muscles from Brussels. Although we will never know I think 20.70 would be possible.


I’m about his size (195 cm and 97 kg, ~10% fat) and I feel the need for buoyancy at my legs. Haven’t ever tried to swim in such suits but I believe it would give me a huge benefit. So would it for him.
I saw some Speedo commercial with Manaudou recently where he swims very relaxed freestyle. You can clearly see that his body position (even despite easy speed) is not the greatest and is laying relatively low in the water. But the power of his stroke still allows him to be the fastest in the world. Add more buoyancy and we will have a human rocket.


I hope he adds 100free to his schedule in Rio. But first he needs to make the French team. There are others who will fight for the 2 spots as well – Yannick, Mehdy, Fabien…
I would like to see a whole 100free final under 48s although I do not see that happening in Rio partly because of the crazy starting time of the evening session.


I don’t have a gold, and I can’t see the analysis but do it have the first 15 meters time in Manaudou swim?From the video, it looked incredible.
For comparison, Cielo WR-5.17s, Cielo 2013Worlds 5.28.(In 2011 it was 5.11 if I am not mistaken, and in 2010PanPacs was even faster)

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