An Olive Branch For FINA As Schism Deepens: Time For Review To Decide Repair Or Replace?

FINA: the handbook and the heritage

Today brings an important intervention in the debate over FINA’s governance of swimming: an olive branch offered on behalf of leading coaches and their athletes by Bill Sweetenham, who asks the international federation to accept an independent audit and review that would determine future direction, including the possibility of a separate federation for swimming away from other aquatic sports

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Lawrie Cox

Very good commentary Bill and it would be nice to think that the Bureau can adopt a positive response to your suggestions. Again everyone has to be a part of this not just one group over the other. It is also very obvious if this peace offering it is not accepted (or is ignored) then the setting up of an alternate body to incorporate functions for swimming is well and truly on the agenda.
Over to the Bureau and the CEO for a response.

Clive Rushton

While I agree with and support Bill’s analysis and his proposed review/audit/evaluation I am forced to liken the possibility of the FINA exec willfully agreeing to such an exercise as that of turkeys voting for Christmas.

I was going to label Bil’s suggestion as a ‘solution’ but, of course, it would only be a first, tentative gesture on the pathway towards change. We have seen from the Swimming New Zealand example (four independent reviews each calling for radical change, before the President, the whole Board and the senior management staff were forced to resign) that recommendations from independent reviews seldom carry much weight when entrenched positions and vested interests are concerned.

In my experience external reviews have to be forced on organizations, they are not initiated voluntarily. Bill’s suggestion is a desperately needed move but I can’t see anyone in FINA agreeing to it.

Mike Higgs

I agree with Bill that there are good people in Fina but they have become comfortable and should be accountable for some of the poor decisions they are making especially re drug testing .

A thorough Audit by an independent organisation should be accepted by Fina but somehow I feel they will continue in the same old way to protect their current positions

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