American DQ Hands France 400 Medley Gold

Whenever the scoreboard at major international competition doesn’t immediately flash over to the final finishing order, bad news is typically on the way for at least one athlete or nation. So, when giant monitor inside the Palau Sant Jordi went into hiccup mode on the final night of the World Championships, hearts jumped into throats.

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Mike in Dallas

DQ? Hey, guys!

Many ‘errors’ can happen, but having coached swimmers for years, DQ relay Xchanges are a NO-NO for age group swimmers, so……………………………………………………………

Nathan Adrian’s comments were very gracious, but . . . . .

TEAM USA still finishes on top, medal-wise, records-wise, in every way!

Lennart van Haaften

“none of those marks will ever be official”

is that really the case? Grevers’s backstroke leg time is listed in the omegatiming official results as it happened before the faulty takeover. I think that if he for example had broken the WR that it would have counted?


It’s nice of Adrian to say what he did, but obviously he’s wrong – it’s quite clearly one individual’s fault.

Giorgio Battistello

The Grevers time IS officiarecorded see FINA Rule SW 12.10


Unfortunely a nightmare meet for Cordes. He missed his taper in his individual swims and then became the biggest American goat since Crocker blew it in 2007. I feel bad for him, we have to remember that he’s just a kid. I think his potential is enormous, especially in LCM given his stroke. Also, it goes without saying that US depth in men’s breaststroke can use all the help it can get. I sincerely hope he takes Adrian’s words to heart and uses this as motivation.

Craig Lord

Thanks Giorgio (and others saying the same) – I think that’s what John meant to say but it wasn’t clear. I’ve added a “barring” bit to make it so. best, C

Lloyd Anderson

This makes – if I have it right – five to one in Nathan Adrian’s favour in head-to-head against James Magnussen. The individual 100 and two relays in London and two relays in Barcelona against the individual here. And this time with a .59 margin it suggests Adrian is still the premier 100 metre man.


Dave. Corded didn’t miss his taper in individual swim he was beaten by a champion!!! He once again faced that Champion again in the relay. It’s called experience & maturity!!! He has to crawl before he can walk!! Christian Sprenger certainly did!!!


@Lloyd Anderson
In all fairness Shanghai 2011 should be considered in the tally.

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