GunGate: Lochte Home; Bentz & Conger Pulled Off Plane, Feigen Talks To Police

Ryan Lochte - by Patrick B. Kraemer

A judge in Brazil has issued an order to prevent United States swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen from leaving the country on the grounds they gave conflicting accounts of their robbery in downtown Rio last Sunday. Lochte returned to the United States ahead of the ruling, according to police quoted in local reports today. It was unclear as to whether Feign has also left the country, though it is believed that he, too, went home after the incident in question

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So it seems only Lochte and Feigan are affected. I hope this whole thing does not turn out to be some stupid prank


This is the most bizarre thing to have happened in Rio Olympics so far.

Denis Serio

Here’s the proof of the truth:

The gas station owner said they started peeing outside the bathroom and even inside continued to pee on the wall.

They owe big apologies for Rio and Brazil and of course pay for the things they broke and also a bail for perjury.

Craig Lord

Thanks Ger…

Craig Lord

Thanks Denis…

Denis Serio

By the way, Lochte has proven he owns the fastest reaction time of American swimming. He ran away quietly when things started to smell like trouble.

Hi hi hi…

Steve Levy

This is embarrassing to our sport – and to both countries. Has Julio been training his successors???

Blah Blah

He never sounded like the sharpest tool in the shed.. guess it wasn’t just the way he sounded.


Denis, LOL. Too funny.

Blah blah, I have always thought that the Lochte’s “dumb personae” was just that: a facade, a made-up personae.
But now it’s been truly confirmed that he is that dumb.
I mean, why did he do it, as a very high profile athlete in the most high profile event, he lied to the media several times.
Did he really think that the Brazilians are not going to take up this matter seriously? What with all the pr bad news heaped on Brazil lately?


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