Almeida Leads Rio Tickets Rush; Gomes Jr Sails Back From Doping Ban Past Himself

Brandon Almeida led the charge for tickets to a home Olympic Games with a 4:14:63 victory i the 400m medley on the opening day of action at the Maria Lenk Trophy, the event at the Rio 2016 pool doubling as a test event. There was a test of a different kind on show, too: a test of faith and the anti-doping system as Joao Gomes Jr. raced back from a doping ban, past his former self on the clock by a big margin and, at 30, made a home Olympics

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I am not very confortable with Joao going to the games.. Better is that no one with doping history are fighting for a spot tomorrow..

Craig Lord

a better day already… that’s good, Rafael..


Morning results:

Women 100 back – Etiene 1:00:00 under fina A, the lack of competition is bad, I think she can get better, she went 59,6 with Coughlin against her so if the field was better she could put a better time. Hope for a better time at Night without pressure. No one else under 1:01

Men 200 free: Nicolas alone in his race with a 1:46:97, good sign from 100 too, he went 1:47:9 when he got a 48,4 100 free.
Next de Lucca with a 1:47:77. Top 11 under 1:50 on the Morning, I would be happy if we got 4 swimmers under Fina A.
Almost a second improvement for Felipe Ribeiro, which his main focus is the 100 (He was 49 and 1:50 flat at 17, he is 18 now and went 1:49 on the morning, 1 second improvement). Also we will have Gabrich on A Final which could help the field with 3 1:46 guys swimming together.

Women 100 breast: One of the worst races of Brazil, an Argentinian first with a sub 1:09 then Brazilians on 1:09 low, I hope a lot for a Fina A but I would not bet on it.

Men 100 back: Guido Alone with a 53,10 and he seems to have more on the tank, he went 53:40 a month ago will full beard. Some guys were 54 high, can someone go under fina A? I hope so..

Women 400 free: Everybody was slow on the morning, Manuella is already under fina A but I want to see a 4:07 at night, except her I don´t see anyone going under Fina A.

Brazil won´t do a time trial for the 4×200, but I think they might do for the women medley relay to make sure we will have all 6 relays.

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