All Eggs In One, Basket Dropped: Home Games Gone For Cesar Cielo; Fratus Wins

Bruno Fratus of Brazil poses with his bronze medal after the 50m free final at world titles in 2015 - a home Games ahead - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Cesar Cielo, the 2008 Olympic 50m champion, stretched his career to include a home Olympic Games but it was not to be: in 21.91, he finished third in the freestyle dash on the last day of the Maria Lenk and Olympic test event in Rio. Ahead of him: Bruno Fratus, 21.74 and his Cielo’s Minas clubmate Italo Duarte, on 21.82 and inside his previous best of 22.08, established last December at the Brazilian open.

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it looks Fratus had a minor wrist injury in training some weeks ago.He wasn’t 100% at Maria Lenk.

Craig Lord

Thanks DDias

Lucy Slade

One less * to be disgruntled with in Rio.


I have never been a fan of Cielo, especially 2011 (although interesting that the laboratory apologise and said there may have been cross-contamination), but it’s a shame when injury conspires to (probably) end careers, and kudos for his gracious remarks after missing out.


I think the issue with Cielo was more mental than physical. Barring injury, there is no reason why a man of his age and talent should not shine in the 50 free. Who knows, maybe the pressure of swimming before the home crowd was too much. Wild speculation here 🙂


Not sure, TL. He is 29 so quite old for a swimmer (although the 50 would be the kindest). 21.9 is pretty fast – 8th in the World this year – just not fast enough.


Stabilo, Anthony Ervin swam a 21.42 at the age of 32 in Barcelona, his PB …


Cielo had his share of injuries. Operation on both knees which cost him a lot during 2012 og then shoulder problems. His change of coaches also did not help. His last good swim was world short course. At least he has the fastest textile 100 split ever to his name.


one less drug cheat to worry about

Daniel Takata

“Cielo’s results tapering off since 2013.” “His best effort since 2014 has been a 21.84.”

Actually Cielo ended 2014 with the second best time in the world with 21.38.


TL, yes yes, and Dara Torres was 41 and Mark Foster was 37 and so on – but nonetheless 29 is still on the old side for swimmers, especially with history of injuries (like Rafael says). I guess he fell foul more of 2 other very fast swimmers (in the 50) but had he been a bit younger or had better luck the last couple of years maybe it wouldn’t have been 50 or bust.
(But what is this fastest 100 textile split about?)


Stabilo, Short Course World Doha, he split a 44,67, that is the fastest ever (textile or suit) the old fastest was Greevers suited 44,68.



I was also about to ask what fastest 100 split.
So it’s SCM 😀


Thanks Rafael! I discount that because i) he have an asterisk by his name 🙂 and ii) it’s only short course. 🙂 🙂

Craig Lord

Cielo’s results have tapered off since 2013, Daniel, not much doubt about that when you look at death of swims and where he did them. it should have said end of 2014…now does… and 2014 best was 21.39, not 21.38.

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