Alex Popov: Russia Stuck Its Nose Into The Business Of Doping, So Guess What…

Alex Popov by Patrick B. Kraemer

Oh dear: Alexander Popov, hero to so many in swimming, just messed up his turn. It is not that Popov spoke out for doping nor anything like that but the words of the quadruple Olympic swimming champion of 1992 and 1996 and a smart man at that, showed how blinding patriotism and the bind of politics can be when it comes to facing up to the sorrowful history of his sport

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John Lohn

Guess Alex does not realize if someone else didn’t stick their nose in Russian business, this would continue to snowball?

craig swanson

Good hard hitting expose Craig. Popov is still thinking in cold war terms.

craig swanson

Please change my username from Craig Swanson to INTHEFASTLANE SV

Craig Lord

Thanks CS – and done. (Can’t change what’s posted)


Reading these comments from him I can’t see anything but frustration.

clive rushton

Back in March 2015 I commented on this site, “One of the [Fina] Athletes Committee members is even a member of the IOC – Alex Popov, what are your views of 10pm finals in Rio, or of awards to Vladimir Putin (I’d love to hear that one). We should name names and put these people on the spot. As Craig says, they are not there to serve the FINA executive.”

Alex has never stood up and publicly demanded ‘the right thing’ from FINA or the IOC, nor even asked for it.

It’s not an “internal problem” Alex and we’re not sticking our noses in your business – interesting choice of words by the way to describe the cheating as your business – is causing a problem for every other country and the whole country should have been banned. The current IOC/Fina stance is ludicrous. If an individual cheats, ban the individual; if a team cheats, ban the team; if a country cheats, ban the country.

Craig Lord

Just so, Clive. Assimilation is one of the pillars that need to be torn down.

Oliver Kramer

Mr Popov, your statement is so disappointing. For me, it definitely puts a shadow on your own career and your achievements. Was it all clean?

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