Ajna Kesely Makes It 3 Golds For Hosts With 1:57.9 Euro Junior Win Over 200 Free

Ajna Késely - 4 golds

Three freestyle finals, three golds for Ajna Kesely as the 14-year-old Hungarian added the 200m freetsyle to her 400 and 800m wins with a 1:57.96 victory in a tight tussle on the fourth day of action at a home European Junior Championships in Hódmezovásárhely. And astonishing speed from 16-year-old Kliment Kolesnikov, a 3rd world junior record of the week in 24.94 over 50m backstroke

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Barnabas Mandi

Ajna Késely’s PB in 200 and new Hungarian Record for 14-17 years old girls.


Since they brought Kesely to European seniors, I’m assuming they’re also going to bring her for the 4×200 FR in Rio as well. If so good move because it lets a talented swimmer with lots of potential get some quality big meet experience a bit in the shadows while Katinka largely absorbs the expectations of a swimming mad country.


Does anyone know fastest ever 14 yo girl in 200 free?


China- Yanhan Ai- 1:56.46 this year (though take birth dates from China with a grain of salt)
Germany- Franzi Van Almsick- 1:58.00 (Olympic silver in Barcelona)
USA – Sippy Woodhead- 1:58.53
Australia- Ellese Zalewski- 2:00.51

Craig Lord

Plus, asf, beachmouse, Song Kenyan CHN – 1:57.36 (shiny) & Wang Shijia 1:57.98 (textile might have turned 15) & Maria Baklakova (RUS) 1:58.26
1:57.21 Ai Yanhan at 13
1:57.87 Taylor Ruck (CAN) at 15

Quite a lot at 16 have got down that way, of course – personal development significant, as will be rates of growth and development from here on in. Most of the speediest Chinese youngsters, especially distance freestyle, fade and get slower, many gone by the time they’re 17 and 18.

craig swanson

So the Americans are going to give the Aussie Dolphins “a reality check” in the Olympic pool. We will see. According to SW ranking the Yanks have only three swimmers currently ranked #1 in the world following their Olympic trials. In comparison the Dolphins have 6 #1 ranked swimmers. So if you want to go on rankings alone which should equate to favoritism then that ” reality check” claim is pure nonsense.

Barnabas Mandi

Ajna in Rio: 200,400,4×200. The Hungarian Swimming Federation and NOC announced it yesterday.

Barnabas Mandi

Éva Risztov (800m,10km in Rio) already had 11 Medals from EJs and 21 from Hungarian Nationals etc. when Ajna was born 🙂


Thanks beachmouse and CL. Was too lazy to research.
So, it seems that fastest ever 14 yo 200 free female swimmer is Ai Yanhan.


Born in 7 February 2002.

Craig Lord

Yes, I think that’s the case, asf

kevin roose

The issue for the Australians is Craig can they replicate the times they did at the trials or go faster?
Given the new coaching regime i am optimistic they can but highly nervous too


Can you two Kevin roose and Craig Swanson stop littering every article with Australian swimmers Olympics predictions?

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