Adam Peaty Pulverises The World Record With 57.13 Blast For Olympic Gold

Adam Peaty celebrates gold in a world record of 57.13 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Adam Peaty had gone through the rounds in a world record of 57.55 and a 57.62 in the semi that granted him a third sub-58 16 months after his pioneering 57.92 in London. Mind the Gap: 57.13 – World Record. Beamonesque World Record. The seascape of the stroke has shifted forever.

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Bad Anon

57.13!!!!! I’m speechless, truly exceptional.. 1.5sec margin of victory, unbelievable, unreal, off the chart!


1.56 seconds is a HUGE margin of victory for a 200 meter race, and Adam Peaty got a 1.56 second win in a 100 meter race. Mind blown, seriously.


I don’t think anybody can top this performance. 1,5 seconds over the best of the rest in a 100 event is absolutely ridiculous.


Ok, this makes me curious as to which win is the most dominant so far. let me do the calculation:

men 100m breast
Adam Peaty 57.13 to Cam VDB 58.69 is 2.73%

women 400IM
Katinka Hosszu 4:26.36 to Maya Dirado 4:31.15 is 1.8%

women 400free
Katie Ledecky 3:56.46 to Jaz Carlin 4:01.23 is 2.02%

So yes, Adam Peaty’s win is hands down the most dominant win and most dominant swim. I can’t think of the last time such gap occurred at Olympics/World Championships final.

Bad Anon

Indeed aswimfan, not only astounding but off the chart…. In the realm of Ye Shiwen’s infamous split…. Though i’d concede the Olympic games inspire such perfomances in athletes…. Surely one of the more freak swims of our time


Well, yeah…if Hosszu’s or Ledecky’s swim was suspicious then this one is as well. At this point, I’m just trying to enjoy seeing the times I once thought would not be possible. Not so soon at least.

Blah Blah

Yes, this swim is the most off the charts in my opinion, especially given the level of competition. This was domination against a very strong field in a more competitive event in my opinion than the 400IM or 400FR

Craig Lord

I don’t see that Blah – the 400IM field was just as strong as the 100m breast field (arguable that it was stronger – and certainly there was far more historic comparison to be had within the race than could be found in the breaststroke final)… it is a year since Peaty a few months beyond turning 20 and on a clear curve of gain did 57.92 – his rivals were not able to respond to a Mary T style challenge. I don’t believe Hosszu’s tale is comparable, no matter how hard people try to keep the surface stats working in favour of arguments that fall apart in the depths. Deep understanding and thought is required, in general, on this topic. The 400IM swimmer has a long profile to consider and 4:26 was off the chart in a different way. These things don’t compare, regardless of the determination of some to prove their point by doing so.

Blah Blah

Craig I am not in any way suggesting Peaty’s STORY is comparable to Hosszu. My views on Hosszu and her performances and their source I think are pretty obvious from my other posts here. I’m simply saying that Peaty’s swim, in my opinion is the most dominant/off the charts. Veiled insults (deep thought and understanding) are unnecessary. Look deeper into the progression in breaststroke from guys like Cam VDB, and it’s clear the 100m breast stroke field is very strong, not to mention the overall pool of 100m male breaststrokers is likely much larger than 400IM women.


Totally agree with Blah Blah here, no offense to the ladies but men’s events are a lot more competitive regardless of the stroke or the distance. Hence why I also think Peaty’s is the most insane or “off the chart” (we seem to be throwing around this phrase a lot these days) swim of this Olympics so far and quite possibly stays like so. Beating the best of the rest in a 100m sprint event by 1.5s (!!!!!) is inhuman. The previous biggest gap was 0.4 from the 1940s or something, maybe even later.

Craig Lord

Blah – don’t see that, as I said, deeper understanding (tour other interpretation daft. the law requires a veil sometimes, as we all know – and I know my media law better than you, I would wager) required an 400IM women’s field just as solid as the men’s 100 br line-up in terms of intl experience and quality and medal winners in the field esp when you look at who in those fields has beaten the Rio winner in that events in previous seasons, when and in what time.

Craig Lord

I don’t see that; I think there’s a blind eye being turned to the lists of textile bests and the career of the winner. Take her out and you have the some of the very best medley swimmers we’ve ever seen. They are hard-working and not at all sloppy… Belmonte, Dirado, Miley … these are world-class acts with huge regimes behind them – and they were thumped into a pulp by a swimmer with a long career.

Blah Blah

Agree to disagree. As ITR pointed out, Men’s races are generally more competitive. You have to go back to Spitz in the 100m fly in 1972/Roland Matthes backstroke to find something comparable to Peaty’s domination. There are plenty of more recent examples of women absolutely dominating which leads me to believe it is a less rare event. (Not just my belief, it is a fact that extreme margins of victory are more common in women’s swimming than men). Dirado’s time is great, but it isn’t that much faster than textile bests pre shiny suit era. Probably a similar margin to Cam VDB vs hansen’s pre-suit era best, and the rest were closer in breaststroke. Yes there were changes to the stroke but that also impacts the 400IM (though less on a percentage basis). Once again, I am not suggesting that Peaty’s swim is anywhere nearly as suspicious as Hosszu. Hosszu is by far the most suspicious swimmer of the games, and one of the most in history. Not arguing that point.

Blah Blah

Ledecky, Allison Schmidt 200m in 2012, Inge De Bruijn, Egerzsegi, Leisel Jones, the list goes on.. One woman a class apart is not that uncommon.. it is very much more uncommon in the men, and that is part of why (other than the % margin, etc.) Peaty’s swim is more impressive and more dominant in my opinion. Hosszu’s swim, for many of the reasons you pointed out is more suspicious. But dominant? Nope.

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