A Different James Guy Shows Up In Jammers, World Champ A Bit More Ready To Race 200m

James Guy of Great Britain by Patrick B. Kraemer

European Champs, London, day 2 heats: World champion James Guy arrived at his blocks for the last heat of the 200m freestyle with racing jammers, red chest where he had slapped himself into wakefulness. Here was a man more ready to race – 1:47.11 and on to the semis

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Cseh looked smooth and powerful in the 200 IM prelims, unfortunately there will be Phelps, Lochte and Hagino in Rio final.

Sjostrom looked really tired in these two days. I wonder how much rest she is getting. Her speed wasn’t popping. Meanwhile, I think kromowidjojo has been getting a little bit of rest. She looks fresh.

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