21.65 British Record For Ben Proud In Heats Grants Leander Ace 35 Of Best 50 Brit Dashes

Ben Proud reflects on his 21.65 blast - by Rob Hardie - Touchline Images

Ben Proud lit up the fifth morning of heats at British Championships in Glasgow with a 21.65 British record in the 50m freestyle. The speed runs deep: 35 out of Britain best 50 dashes in history in textile now belong to Proud, 21.6 to 22.3. Coach Jon Rudd says “very pleasing” – and he’s pleased with FINA, too – the decision to keep Efimova’s provision suspension in place “a light at the end of the tunnel”

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Great performance. If anything, it looked a little as though he eased off at the very end, though we said the same of his 100m heat.


I daren’t say either after an easy looking heat swim in the 100m. 50m is certainly his stronger event.

Ideally tonight – 21.4 to establish himself with Manadou and McEvoy as medal contenders. An achievable target for Proud, but from what we’ve seen this week I’m going for a 21.6 similar outing in the final.


O’Connor looks to have worked on speed endurance to ensure she doesn’t fade as she did in Kazan. For me, hasn’t looked as blistering out the gate as she has before – her skills off the block are among the best in the world and should not be sacrificed. Looked cruising in 200IM heats though and hard to tell in national waters I guess. Good luck to all swimming tonight.

Craig Lord

A 21.8 would do, too, GBSwim… he just needs to get the instant ticket tonight, when it will be edgier… it would be good to see him go quicker, of course, matching what he did this morning when under (self) pressure a good sign.


GBSwim I think Mcevoy is more of a outside shot to medal, remember of the last world/olympics medallists 4 still have to swim, Fratus, Adrian and Morozov, there is Dressel and tomorrow at 100 free we will have a glimpse of Cielo situation..


Craig – Sure, I have every faith he will go the automatic QT, just an extra confidence boost when in comes to handling himself on the big stage if he can go faster than this morning.

Rafael – Yes I fully agree, was just looking at the rankings so far. I too slightly discount McEvoy as a challenge in this one but has to be mentioned. If Proud is able to drop to 21.4, a significant gap appears between these 3 and the rest of the world. The US’ and Brazilians are only those likely to make an impact on the the top 3 leading into Rio. I’ve steered my focus away from all Russian swimmers of late – has Morozov avoided the treachery?


I think Morozov will swim at Russian Nationals, but I can´t know for sure who are the guys on Meldonium.. Even the full list of Chinese is unknown now.

Adrian went 21,62 yesterday but seems to have some wind assistance.

Fratus went 21,37 last December, as he is already qualified I don´t know how is his preparation to Brazilian Trials..

Craig Lord

GBSwim, V. Morozov is entered in the meet on the start list, so we assume he’s there and ready to race.

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