2nd Star On The Right Straight On ‘Til Morning: Phelps, 1:52.09 This Day 2007

Michael Phelps - second star on the right, straight on 'til morning - by Patrick B. Kraemer

It remains the greatest 200m butterfly swim ever seen: Michael Phelps, 1:52.09, for the world title and a world record surpassed only by the buoy of shiny suits since. Phelps set the Rod Laver Arena alight in the first final of the evening of March 28, 2007. By the 150m mark he was almost 2sec inside world record pace, and stopped the clock 1.63sec inside the 1:53.71 record he had established just a month before. In the midst of it all, Phelps put on a display of dolphin drive off block and wall that set a new world standard of its own.

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Craig Lord

A youtube file now in the article (all three articles indeed), Ger

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