1st McLaren Cut: IOC Bars Russia From Hosting; Bans Politicians From Rio 2016

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio - but the IPC locked the nation out of the Paralympics, with CAS backing [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

Russia has been put out of bounds as far as hosting major international events in Olympic sports is concerned, while Russian politicians associated with the systematic doping scandal will not be granted accreditation to the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 or other major sporting events, the International Olympic Committee has decided today.

In a statement from the IOC, Russian athletes have been placed on notice that the option of a blanket ban on all sports in Russia for Rio 2016 is being considered. The IOC is taking legal advice on the matter and will await the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Thursday as far as Russia’s track and field status goes.

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Wow! I honestly did not expect the IOC to come out spraying bullets and I suppose we should expect some fairly complex legal issues to be addressed by them before a decision to blanket ban or not.

But if there is no blanket ban and it gets batted back to each international federation to determine eligibility on a case by case basis, then I’m afraid we can expect FINA to wave the Russian swimmers through with some BS about natural justice.


Eh, it’s only about 18 suppressed positives in swimming. No big deal, right?

The IOC seems to be claiming the delay is because they’re talking to lawyers about what’s allowed when they already have the power to suspend a country from membership for failure to comply with the IOC charter. Kuwait is currently suspended; India has gone back and forth with suspensions in recent years. South Africa spent several decades banned from international competition because of apartheid. (Though someone else can provide details on how that came about legally because I’m of age to only become aware of the end of it when Zola Budd and Mary Decker-Tabb-Slaney * were playing human pinball on the track)

I do think the IOC is ssimply trying to give themselves a bit of breathing room, and I’m okay with that because a country’s possible suspension from international competition across the board is a large decision and should not be made in haste on in a sloppy fashion.

I just hope they try to do the right thing in the end and not the convenient thing.

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