1988 Book Resurfaces: Laszlo Kiss, Hungary Head Coach, Accused Of ‘Secret Steroids’

The 1988 Book - The Lost Silver - resurfaced to make Hungarian headlines - ragout from Nyugat.hu

Laszlo Kiss, Hungary’s head coach until last week and and one of the most revered mentors in world swimming with a strong of Olympic successes on his account, stands accused of doping young swimmers in the 1980s. Nikolett Szepesi, a former Hungarian international suggests “specific practices” still followed

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Surprise surprise…. I actually censored my own comment then because it makes me fairly angry how that Hungarian team is spoken as of legends when I’ve heard many reliable sources say the opposite yet criticising the Chinese, Russian & Brasilians teams is common day practice. Dodgy Eastern Europeans….makes me think of another certain backstroker who won the double in Sydney as a 16 year old then virtually disappeared.


Kiss resigned last week and has since been replaced. It was said his resignation related to a rape conviction from the 1960’s. I wonder if this allegation re. doping might have played its part.

Craig Lord

Yes, noted, Ger, thanks for reminder.

Craig Lord

Evidence and record are key factors in what you suggest re China, RUS and BRA, Felix. Reliable sources who arrive with evidence takes the matter to a new level in all cases. CHN, RUS – reliable sources came up with evidence that turned out to be correct. And they and Brazil have a very bad record. Suspicions exist in several other places, of course, but the term ‘legend’ is one I have used in connection with 2 Hungarians, one an Olympic champion as a string of a girl at 14. In terms of any Hungarian ‘team’ being referred to as ‘legends’, I have never done so: it would be inaccurate and for some reasons inappropriate.


And I think CL is definitely not mincing any words if there’s any recent Hungarian swimmer who have been producing results which are outliers … way way out there results

Kim Simonsen

Funny, how these kind of stories always surfaces in liberal, anti-Orban (Prime Minister Victor Orban), papers in Hungary? Orban who is a strong supporter of the president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, Tamas Gyarfas – maybe we need to see this in a broader picture, a political Hungarian picture?

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