1 Kazan-Gold Man Down, 3 Through To Hunt For GBR 4x200m Relay Tickets For Rio

2015 world champions (l-r), Calum Jarvis, Dan Wallace, Robbie Renwick and James Guy in Kazan - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Last-day heats at British Championships and the Great Britain 4x200m quartet will not be the same line-up as the Rio world-title-winning foursome in Kazan last year after last-day heats in Glasgow that put Calum Jarvis out of contention in the 200m freestyle with a ninth-place finish by 0.1sec. Guy, Renwick, Wallace and Scott all through; Siobhan-Marie O’Connor goes 1:07.1 best in 100 breaststroke before 59.1 in 100 ‘fly heats

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Adam Barrett could yet sneak on to the team, particularly if, as I suspect may be the case, James Guy doesn’t want to swim the 100m fly individually. His splits from 2014 nag at the back of the mind, particularly after his excellent 100m free PB at trials.

Craig Lord

Well, he was 3rd solo – tricky… that would mean considering another list of others with a similar claim… we shall see, Iain.


Indeed it would – and I would not really be surprised either way.

British Swimming have been quite clear though with their 6 discretionary places – we’ll do whatever the hell we want!

David Brooks

And if they opt for Barrett they could enter a 4×1 team as well, assuming Renwick qualifies for the 4×2 tonight. But I agree, how do you justify that over James?


I don’t see Guy swimming the individual 100m fly – his effort this week was primarily to cement his relay position.

It’s a tricky one after that. Wouldn’t like to be the one to tell Anthony James he’d missed in place of Barrett on the grounds of his high’s of previous seasons… but the 50.7 split does persist and I would probably favour him to go.


Though Britain won’t contend for medals in women’s 4x100m medley, it will be interesting to see how they shape up. Where does O’Connor place? Inclined to put hear ahead of Kelly on the fly leg, Halsall on the free. Tonight will tell but after the breaststroke this morning, I’d say Davies, O’Connor, Kelly and Halsall. Kelly didn’t look great this morning when you look at the 57.74 from early season. I hope she improves tonight.

Felix Sanchez

Is Anthony James really that likely to be needed? With all the middle distance freestyle cleared away early, James Guy should get a couple of days rest. After that, a go at the fly in the relay heats would probably be welcome.

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